Le Manoir de La Haule

List of weeks for sale

Interested in buying a week at La Haule?

From time to time, owners may be interested in selling one or more of the weeks they own at La Haule. This list (regularly updated) shows those weeks currently on offer and a reference code. Weeks are often sold in pairs and are marked when this is the case. You may also be able to make an offer for individual weeks. If you are interested in buying one or more weeks, please email contact at manoirdelahaule.co.uk giving the date(s) and code(s) of the week(s) that interest you.

Week starting* Reference
7th January 2019 M4
18th March 2019 I1
25th March 2019 J1
1st April 2019 K1
15th April 2019 M1
3rd June 2019 F2
23rd September 2019 J3
30th September 2019 K3
14th October 2019 M3
21st October 2019 A4
2nd December 2019 F4
*date of next available week